Tokenomics are Art

Tokenomic venture is focusing on consulting, research, investment and assistance for blockchain projects, agnostically.

Tokenomics ventures


Decentralised web 3.0 is changing the way humans exchange informations, from finance to real estate, without forgeting games, art and many sectors and industries. 

This civilisation upgrade comes through the work from great minds. 

With great projects, comes barriers to launch efficiently theirs protocols, platforms, and token. 

The conceptualisation and execution of these 3 elements requires proper reflexion on how you want to see your project and token from market inception to long run, which is the hardest to conceptualise. 

At Tokenomic ventures, we strongly believe that with great projects comes great tokenomics. Tokenomic venture invest, assist, and push forward to the scene projects aiming for the long run.

The existence of the tokenomic venture is to push to the scene innovative projects based on their tokenomic thesis. Every project backed by Tokenomic venture is a project worth watching in terms of token usage, for a more innovative and growing web3 future.   

Short & medium term blockchain landscape is cross/multichain, so currently agnostic on the L1 used by projects. 

TV is also developing its own protocol, aimed at treasury management of projects after their token sale and a new kind of decentralised VC.

Helping projects & people to Shine

Wondering why you should choose us in your team? Because we are the right strategic partner for DeFi projects

  • Researches & consultancy

    Researches on "State of the Art" of L1s & L2s. We do also tailored advisory and consultancy for projects.

  • seed & private Investments

    We do tokenomics-driven investment that invests in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain companies.

  • Copy hold strategy

    Get hedge-fund level returns from your capital with the click of a button (coming soon)

  • Decentralised VC

    More infos coming soon

Let's Make Your Project Happen

Want to partner?

We’d also love to hear from you if you’re working on a crypto- or blockchain-related project or company. If you can manage a warm intro that helps us to qualify you quickly. If you can’t, just hold steady we’ll get back to you as fast as we possibly can.


Support & Investments

Agnostic on L1s & their associated L2s protocols

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